A Sign in the Sand…

Marry Me?

I wonder at her (or his!) response to this…

She (or he!) was gently led up the slope,  for you couldn’t really grasp the gist from the beach. Then, together, they looked out over the seascape and…lo!

I love that I happened upon this creative marriage proposal on an early-morning beach walk! I love that someone searched the beach for stones of roughly the same size and composed this message of hope and love. I love…love.

I am a hopeless romantic…

11 thoughts on “A Sign in the Sand…

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    • Thanks so much! I’ve finished a 24-page prospectus and now on to a 4000-word manuscript to submit for publication. A lot of work! Wish me luck!

      I trust school is going well for you? You are working so hard…


      • I do wish you luck! And I hope at some point I can take a peek at your work. I don’t know if you’ll publish it anywhere, but that would be neat! Yes, school is going great. I’m exhausted… But that’s all part of the game in nursing school, LOL.


    • Thank you so much, Dale. Can’t you just picture the couple as they gazed upon not only the stones, set there purposely by one, but also envisioned their entire future together?

      I’m so happy you understand…

      Best to you, Renate


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