A bit about the woman behind the blog:

I am a solo-traveller – I ache for the adventure of going far away all alone (for the adventure is greater when all alone). Most of the trips I’ve taken have been by myself and have left me helplessly and hopelessly addicted to the freedom that comes from this solitary form of travel.

I am a definite introvert and am frequently unsure of myself in general. But, although I am often afraid and feel vulnerable and worry about those I’m leaving behind when travelling alone, need to goThe fear is secondary! The thrill of going outweighs and overwhelms the trepidation.

Tweet this Although I am often afraid and feel vulnerable when travelling alone, I need to go! The fear is secondary…

I am: 

relentlessly curious; always learning; longing to continually write about and photograph this world (and never having enough time to do so); contradictory; shy but warm; different; a dreamer of destinations (like my Mom and Grandma – if they were still here, oh, the adventures we would have!); a nurse practitioner (check out my website, “What is an NP?”) with a new and hard-won Doctorate in Nursing Practice (as of December 2015); a relatively young mom whose children are grown and are really kind and awesome; a (most of the time) happily married wife to a man a few decades older than I; a bluestocking and often just a plain ol’ bookworm; a baker and a cook; compassionate; passionate; patient yet eager; far too concerned about others’ opinions but really trying not to be that way; funny; serious; a hiker; a walker; a student of history; a student of art, especially of the Renaissance (Renate and Renaissance mean the same thing after all – REBIRTH – how great is that?); a museum-hound; a Europhile; a yogi with tight hips and hamstrings who has extreme difficulty quieting my mind.

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    • This was incredibly kind of you! I apologize for not responding sooner – life events precluded it. But I am honored, Swav. My your 2015 be as bright and sunny as the Emerald Isle will allow! Renate


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    • Thank you so much, Allane! And, the same to you! I have recently been reading a novel which features Munich in Victorian times and have a friend who has been travelling there on business recently. Your posts on this beautiful city which I long to visit one day are so interesting and informative. Please keep writing! Best to you, Renate

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      • My pleasure Renate 🙂
        Awwnn thank you so much, I will keep them coming.. I still have lots to tell about Munich! I hope you can come and visit it sometime, and maybe we can meet 😀
        Your book sounds interesting!!
        Best to you too, Allane.


  4. Oh I need to learn so much from you…I would love to travel someday..all over the world ! It’s my passion. You seem like such a beautiful nice women ! Thank you for visiting my blog, that way I fouund you here. Hoping to see you more often. With love,
    Zee ❤

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    • Thank you so much, Zee! You will definitely see me more often and I will definitely look forward to hearing about your eventual travels. If it is your passion, it will happen!
      It was a treat to visit your blog and you can be sure I’ll return.
      Take very good care.
      Love, Renate

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  5. equinoxio21

    Hi Renate! I don’t know if you’re still in Paris, but I’m closing to catching a cold. 😦 “Don’t matter none!”
    I’ve stumbled across your other blog through your gravatar. Lovely. How do I follow it?
    Take care of th wind!

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    • Hi, Brian, no, sadly, I am no longer in Paris. I’ve traipsed through London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and am now in Helsinki where I’ve just spoken at a nursing conference with two classmates! Thank you so much for your kind words about my nursing blog! You can follow it at http://www.nursingthoughts.com! (I don’t keep it up as regularly as I should but there’s some informative items there, I think.)

      And, you have a few more months in Paris, yes? Oh, I’m having a jealous moment (but am so happy for you)!

      Take good, good care. I hope your cold is gone quickly indeed!

      Your friend, Renate


    • Travel Spirit: EXACTLY!!! I love being able to just walk if I want to, or gaze at a sculpture or painting for as long as I like, or take a photo from many different reference points, or head out into the cold rain and not have to worry that I’m rankling someone else’s nerves or impeding someone else’s agenda.
      And, thank you for your kind words! You’re my newest blogger friend!


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