Italy 2012

A quick trip to Rome and Tuscany. Bellissima Italia!!! More stories and photos to come!



Roma, Adagio, Part 1   A last-minute trip to Italy and an intro to my convent in Rome!

Roma, Adagio, Part 2    Capella Sistina, otherwise known as the Sistine Chapel

Roma, Adagio, Part 3    The Vatican Museums

Roma, Adagio, Part 4    The Spiral Staircase of the Vatican Museums

Roma, Adagio, Part 5    St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square, View of Palazzo Venezia

Roma, Andante (Part 1)   My convent in Rome, Suore di Santa Elisabetta dell’Olmata

Roma, Andante (Part 2)   A walk, a bus ticket, and a cappuccino on Via Merulana (with a little espresso lesson thrown in)

Roma, Andante (Part 3)   Il Colosseo, otherwise known as the Colosseum, and leaving the map behind

Roma, Andante (Part 4) Circus Maximus and, skipping the line for the Palatine, a great discovery – a non-tourist-ridden Roman market

The Dying Gaul, or Dying Galatian



Night View, Arno River, from the Ponte Vecchio

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