Pre-Conference Morning Tai Chi, Hong Kong

10 Sept 2016

Morning pre-conference tai chi. Beautiful.
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This ancient Chinese martial art form combines slow movements that fluidly transition from one posture to the other. Balance, strength and concentration are required. It is a lovely merging of mind and body.

The leader of these classes is a 70yr old Hong Kong native and has been a nurse for 52 years! She applied the tai chi movements and teachings to the nursing philosophy. The letting go. The caring.

What a wonderful way to start the day.

(The gentleman in the second video is a nurse and conference attendee who said, quietly, “I know tai chi.” And, he did!)


These videos may just be the answer to a struggling, flustery, incredibly worrisome day. I am calmer for the viewing of them. May they help you, too!

Comments? Questions? Thoughts?

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