London & Paris 2013

London & Paris 2013

London first, where I spent much time walking through parks, especially my favorite: Hyde Park. Then, it was a short train ride under the English Channel to Paris where I (finally) ascended the Eiffel Tower. That was an unexpected thrill!



London Icons, In Black and White

Blue Nightscape, London

Winston Churchill Quote

Winston Churchill in Trans-Atlantic Discussion with FDR

15 Facts About London Cabbies (and Their Cabs)

Westminster Abbey

An Evening Walk in London

A Morning Walk in Hyde Park

Swan Feather, Hyde Park, London

Mamma Mia! (and Lowri and Me!)

Rhodes Hotel, London (May 2013)



Taking the Paris Metro from the 11th Arrondissement to La Tour Eiffel

Sacré-Cœur From La Tour

Every Evening, Every Hour, The Lights Sparkle for 10 Minutes

Best Western Saint Martin Bastille (Formerly Hotel Saint-Louis Bastille Paris)

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