Rome, Italy

Travel-Inspired Musings

I’ve realized that sometimes travelling inspires more than just a recounting of events and adventures. It can also spark creativity in writing or thoughts that beg to be documented. Here, please find in roughly reverse chronological order some stories or simple (I consider them profound :)) musings inspired by travel.

Flashmob – Antwerp Train Station 

Let Nothing Stop You. Nothing.

Happy 2015, World!

Reassurance from a Lamassu

“Be Not Inhospitable to Strangers, Lest They Be…”

Fathers and Sons Across the Ages: Cour Khorsabad, Louvre and Present-Day Lake Tahoe

La Pluie à Paris, or, My Café Contemplations

“Un Express, S’il Vous Plait”

“Please Don’t Take My Photo; My Husband Might Kill Me”

Profound Life Lessons on AirFrance Flight 9301

Maya Angelous on Travel

“Wow! I’ve got to listen to this!”

Words of Wisdom from “Road Essays”

The Patron Saint of a Simple Chair

Money: On the National Currency of Guatemala and Acquiring Cash

15 Facts About London Cabbies (and Their Cabs)

Halong Bay, Vietnam: Shangri La or Tourist Mecca to the Nth Degree?

34 Paris Lessons You Probably Won’t Find in the Guidebooks

They Speak English, and We, American

Waiting in Line for Anne Frank

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