My country. My home. A remarkable, diverse, and often, breathtakingly beautiful place to explore!



Yosemite Snow Leaf

Yosemite Valley

Half Dome, Whites and Blues

Grandfather, Grandson

Seeing the Light on “The Rock”: Alcatraz Island

“I Want to Travel the World…” Farallone Islands, Sunset

Dramatic Sky Over the Farallones

Morning Fog Coming In, Golden Gate Bridge

Evening Fog Coming In, Golden Gate Bridge

Mother and Son, Golden Gate Park

Sunset Silhouette

A Sign in the Sand…

Signs at Safari West

Refraction in the Forest

Morning Light Show

San Francisco Graffiti Near Turk Street



Bull Elk, Nevada High Desert

Autumn in Ranchland I

Autumn in Ranchland II

It Took a Lot of Muscle: Autumn in Ranchland III

Autumn in Ranchland IV

Autumn in Ranchland V

Message Through the Clouds

Zigzag Fence

Early, Gorgeous Winter 



6th Street, Austin

Family Silhouette at the State Capitol, Austin, TX

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