Cataract Falls Trail, Mount Tamalpais

Yesterday was my first experience hiking Cataract Falls on Mount Tamalpais. One of my hiking guidebooks calls it a “mile-long tumble.” Although a quite challenging climb along the edge of the waterfall the trail is more than worth it as evidenced by the other hikers and beauty-seekers of all ages who joined me on this deservedly-popular trail. It is not often I have trouble parking on a mountain because there are so many other cars parked alongside a narrow mountain road bordered by evergreens! The parking precariousness was worth the trouble, however, because it was one of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever hiked in my life. The recent rains have replenished the mountain streams after the years-long scanty flow brought about by the California drought and the roar of the water surrounded me. I’m surprised I am just discovering this magical place after living in the area for 15 years. It is incredible to consider what can be found in our own backyards if we simply take the time to seek the beauty (and brave the masses and the climb)!2015-01-10_Cataract Falls!