La Casona de Antigua (January 2014)

La Casona de AntiguaOasis, indeed. Have you ever arrived at a hotel and realized you’d be plenty happy just staying there, in your room, hardly venturing out at all? This is what I felt upon arrival at our incredibly quiet and enchanting room at La Casona de Antigua.

Our room – #2 – was beautifully decorated with impressive attention to detail. 

Our Room - La Casona de Antigua

There was a big, beautiful window to let in the early-morning bird song and breezes. Our beds were comfortable and extra blankets and pillows were provided. (Coming from the mild San Francisco Bay Area, Jacque and I thought the weather was perfect. But everywhere we went, we heard, with a shiver, “Hace frio,” – “It’s cold!” We were flummoxed by this, but it gets HOT in Guatemala so 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit – 10-21 degrees Centigrade – is cold according to the Guatamaltecos and so we saw plenty of sweaters and jackets worn by the locals.

Beautiful Bathroom "Bano or Sanitorio"

The bathroom was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

Called a “bano” or “sanitario” in Guatemala, the lovely extras told me all was designed with love.

Beautiful, but coldAlas, even with hot water advertised, and even though I flipped the “hot water” switch on by the door, we endured most of our showers in cool-to-cold water.

Brrrr!!! Hace frio!

Still, I loved our room.

(Here’s my TripAdvisor review of La Casona.)

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