Reflections from the Louvre II

Tuileries Ferris Wheel and Louvre, Night Reflections

Have you ever just been walking along (camera, of course, slung on your shoulder, but not particularly at the ready) and you are simply handed a photo opportunity? This night capture was just that: a splendid gift. The rains which had for a few days soaked my shoes – and my spirits, just a little – on the streets of Paris, took a reprieve and left for me this wonderful reflection. It is one of my very favorite photos.


15 thoughts on “Reflections from the Louvre II

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    • Darlene, I was so happy when Lori and I happened upon this! I think I may have (gently, gracefully) jumped up and down a bit! It was a quite a remarkable gift and I’m so very grateful for it!


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