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“Un Express, S’il Vous Plait”

Un cafe, Paris

Not that I’m complaining or anything, but on big trips like this, I don’t sleep much. It’s only the third day into an almost 3 week trip so I may still be on California time, but I’ve managed maybe 3 or 4 hours a night at the most. I usually need about 7 1/2. Part of the problem is jet-lag, I’m sure. And, it’s also because I have a general predilection toward sleeplessness. (I’ve always struggled a bit in this area, with years of insomnia to my credit. I’m actually a little surprised I’ve not mentioned this before. I tend to fixate on it.)

Plus, writing blog-posts deep into the night while travelling is not conducive to sleeping…

It’s 1 AM here now and I know I’ll be up for another hour or two and will probably wake up at about  6 or 6:30.

Or 7, if I’m lucky.

(I do so want to take an early-morning walk on my last day in Paris – there is something magical about this city as it awakens. But, accomplishing this task will be quite painful at this point with so little sleep. See? I’m fixating.)

But wait! There’s a happy ending (at least in Paris, anyway)! There truly is a solution to my sleep-deprivation and – NO! – it is not sleep! As I’ve written in at least one other post, a tiny little cup of espresso will help you “make it through your day” and is absolutely crucial when you find yourself in Paris experiencing a monumental no-sleep marathon such as mine. Paris has “un cafe” or “un express” (ahn cah-fay or ahn express). There is a reason why they call that tiny cup-of-all-that-is-right-in-this-world a “shot,” because after drinking one, you really do feel like you’ve been given a shot in the arm. It’s like receiving a phenomenal pep talk when you’ve just about given up. It’s like new love. It’s like, “Oh, Renate! You are going to survive…and thrive!”

I do worry about my energy flagging when I’ve not slept, especially while travelling. (And that worry leads to anxiety, which kicks in “fight-or-flight,” which hinders my sleep even more. Oh, look at that. You’re fixating again, Renate…) And, I still wonder if “un express” will help. And, truly, I am always amazed at how much better I feel after one of these delicate-looking yet POWERFUL little drinks.

And, I always add a sugar packet for its additive effects.

Am I enraptured with caffeine? Held in thrall by the magical powers of the espresso bean? Overwhelmingly grateful to the life-giving spirit lying dormant within each cup?

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Oh, yes! Yes, I am!

13 thoughts on ““Un Express, S’il Vous Plait”

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    • Duke, truer words were never spoken. So, so often I wish I didn’t have to sleep so that all the thoughts and inspiration I’m receiving could be written down. Do you suppose I’m channeling Hemingway? A Moveable Feast and all that? 🙂 I wouldn’t be so presumptuous, but I do think I understand the creativity that just flows in a setting like this. Thank you, indeed, for your thoughtful comments and for following me! I very much appreciate you.


  4. Darryl jones

    Hope you continue to have a great time.
    In Mendocino with our son and the GKids. They are going to vacation Bible School at the Presbyterian church here. [showing you that I am multi religious] lol

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