Mother-Daughter Trip to Italy – December 2007

One frosty December in 2007, Jacque and I decided to journey together to Rome, Siena, Florence, and Venice. We found Italy to be magical in the Winter. We also found it to be cold!!! We shivered our way through, though, and were still awed by the wintry wonders greeting us. I hope you enjoy the following photos. Stories to come!



The Pietá by Michelangelo



Tuscan Winter



Ponte Vecchio, Winter I

Ponte Vecchio, Winter II

Vista from the Garden of the Cavalier, Boboli Gardens

The Cracked Face of Tindaro Screpolato, the Only Modern Sculpture in the Boboli Gardens, Florence

A Glass Harp Player, Via Calzaiuoli, Florence



Siena City Hall and City Tower, Piazza del Campo

Christmas in Siena

Siena Duomo

Prayer Candles, Siena Duomo



Blue Boat on Venice Lagoon

Grand Canal, Venice, Winter

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