Tai O Fishing Village, Lantau Island

The road to Tai O Village was verdant and scenic with views of the South China Sea and Lantau Island mountains.

Our guide, Ryan, kept us captivated with information about the history of the island and the culture of its inhabitants. We even learned about the four prisons on the island, although crime is very low in Hong Kong now, and we even passed one which looked quite luxurious:

All that seems to be missing is the swimming pool!

When we arrived at Tai O village, Ryan gave us an introduction.

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Then we walked toward the fishing village through the fish market where there were hundreds of dried fish and even dried sea stars and octopus.

Pray, what do you do with dried octopus? I’d like to learn!

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On to a flat-bottom boat and a short tour through the houses on stilts. There are obviously scant resources here but, just as obvious is the richness of life and I imagine that the residents would not choose to live anywhere else.

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It was a fascinating look at a centuries-old culture that remains hidden away on Lantau Island.

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