Fist Afternoon in Guatemala

First Afternoon in Antigua, Guatemala

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We freshened up after our arrival from Guatemala City and embarked on the 15-20 minute walk to Parque Central, Antigua’s main square. Stepping out of our hotel that first afternoon, I was immediately struck by Antigua’s uneven cobblestone streets. No, I didn’t fall! But it certainly did take some concentration to keep from tripping and twisting an ankle. But, really, the streets only added to the charm of this lovely colonial city. For weeks before our trip, Jacque had been saying to me, “Mom, you’re going to love Antigua. You’ll love the history and the architecture and the art and the food.” And she was right. My first impression of Antigua was one of sheer delight.

My New Handwoven, Bright Red Skirt and Cobblestone Streets, Antigua, Guatemala

We stuck our noses into shops and I bought a long red, handwoven skirt (which I wore over my jeans the rest of the day).

Iglesia de San Agustin, Antigua, GuatemalaAbout two blocks from Parque Central, we came across one of the many cathedral ruins in Antigua. This was Iglesia de San Agustín and, like the others, was permanently damaged after devastating earthquakes hit the area in the 1700s. Dedicated to Saint Augustine, this church remains oddly dignified and beautiful.The belfry’s on the right.

5a Av Norte and Arco de Santa Catalina, Antigua, Guatemala

As we searched for a restaurant, we caught a glimpse of El Arco de Santa Catalina, built to allow the nuns from the adjoining church to cross the street without being seen.

Just a few blocks from the Arch, we found an incredible restaurant, El Sabor del Tiempo, and we both chose the beefsteak (bisteca) dinner.

Gallo, Guatemala's Beer

I had my first Gallo Beer, the beer of Guatemala. There is a very good reason why it holds this esteemed title. Mmmm…

Bisteca Dinner at El Sabor, Antigua, Guatemala

The bisteca was mouth-wateringly good, simply accompanied by oven fries and roasted tomatoes topped with breadcrumbs, which melted in our mouths.

Iceberg Lettuce Salad, El Sabor del Tiempo, Antigua, Guatemala

The iceberg lettuce, tomato, and red onion salad with vinegar and oil proved to be the biggest frustration of the day for me (which, after a day of international travel is not so bad, I think) because the lettuce kept falling off the plate when I tried to cut it. Grrr…Jacque saw my frustration and tried mightily not to laugh.

Chimino's Restaurante, Antigua, Guatemala

The sun had set and the Parque Central was lit up with lights when we stopped for an after-dinner drink at Chimino’s, a bistro on the square. The beautiful guitar music of Angelo Guzman lured us in. (I purchased his “Guitarra del Mundo” CDs, Volumes I and II)

Macho Goofy Guy - Antigua

The greeter, Alex – Alejandro – a Guatemalteco who recently returned to the land of his birth after a number of years living in Pasadena, was a comedian of impressive proportions and kept us quite entertained. He whooped it up with any passerby and had us laughing and laughing.




His talents extended to salsa dancing and he and Jacque lit up the sidewalk! You’ll see a glimpse of our sidewalk table on the right.

Palacio de Ayuntamiento, or City Hall, Antigua, Guatemala

After the drink and the dance, we walked along the arched corridor of the Palacio de Ayuntamiento, or City Hall, and hailed a….

Antigua Tuk-Tuk

Tweet: After the drink & the dance, we hailed a tuk-tuk to take us back to our hotel... #Antigua #Guatemala
Tweet: After the drink & the dance, we hailed a tuk-tuk to take us back to our hotel… #Antigua #Guatemala

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