Two Great YouTube Channels for Learning French and One Stellar (and Free!) Website

If you’re interested in learning to speak French, the following are two valuable YouTube channels to help you.

1. French With Vincent. For French learners from beginners to advanced. Vincent has more than 126,000 subscribers (I am one!) and proceeds in a clear, step-wise fashion.  He starts with pronouncing the alphabet and moves on from there with plenty of opportunities for repetition. Highly recommended!

2. Although the Radio Lingua Network‘s main focus is producing language podcasts, there are some short, fun, and educational French lessons on YouTube: “Coffee Break French” and “Walk, Talk, and Learn French”. (Check out the podcasts, too. They’re great when taking a walk or a drive or cooking or you get the idea).

DUOLINGO! (French and beyond!)

Have you heard about Duolingo yet? This is a free, fabulous, and super-effective website for learning French, as well as Spanish, Italian, Portugese, and German (and it looks like many more languages are “incubating“). I am currently working my way through French (and Spanish and Italian) and find it a lot of fun and very helpful. And, back to the YouTube theme, here’s an informative video about Duolingo’s program:


So many of us tell ourselves we will learn a language someday. Well, as polyglot Benny Lewis says on his inspiring TedTalk, “There are only 7 days in a week and ‘someday’ isn’t one of them!”


With great appreciation to lbfranco for inspiring this post!

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