Milestone: 10,000+ Views!

Wordpress Milestone: Over 10,000 Views!

I’m so excited about this milestone. Over 10,000 sets of eyes have seen my posts! This is both extraordinarily humbling and oh, so encouraging! Oh, I wish I had more time to write and take photographs! I wish I had more time to spend on my travel blog!

The top ten posts at this point are (in ascending order and with direct link below each photo):

The Louvre Pyramid and Courtyard at Golden Hour

10. Louvre Pyramid: Color, Light, Shadow


La Casona de Antigua, Guatemala

9. Would You Like to See Our Room? Hotel La Casona de Antigua
This is a lovely place to stay in Antigua, Guatemala. Take a look.


Duolingo Free Language Learning

8. Two Great YouTube Channels for Learning French and One Stellar (and Free!) Website


Fist Afternoon in Guatemala

7. First Afternoon in Antigua, Guatemala
My daughter, Jacque, and I set out to explore Antigua and ended up eating and drinking and…dancing(well, she did, anyway – on the sidewalk, no less)!


Westminster Abbey, London

6.   Westminster Abbey
His prayer was so beautiful that I forgot my shyness and ended up with a tremendous gift. I share that gift here.


Map of Central London

5.   An Evening Walk in London
This was an evening walk through connected parks in London, Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James’s Park, ending at Big Ben.


Flight to Guatemala

4. A Mother-Daughter Trip to Guatemala
My daughter, Jacque, and I spent a very special two weeks together in “The Land of Eternal Spring.” She also interviewed Guatemalan women who were recipients of scholarships from the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund. It was a fascinating look into the lives of these beautiful, dignified women and an incredibly special time with my daughter.


La Tour Eiffel, Paris

3. 34 Paris Lessons Probably Not in the Guidebooks
This was a fun, tongue-in-cheek look at some of the lessons I learned on a rainy trip to Paris.


Rhodes Hotel, London

2. Would You Like to See My Hotel? Rhodes Hotel, London, May 2013
This is a slideshow of Rhodes Hotel and it is so ironic to discover that it is my post with the second-most views because I am actually sitting in my same room in that same hotel in August 2014, writing this milestone post!

Another review is coming, but I have to tell you, this hotel is still great in wonderful ways! The sun is shining outside my garrett room, a breeze is blowing, and the sky is blue with fluffy white clouds. I had better go out and enjoy it as BBC weather says a now-non-hurricane coming from the states is slated to send much water here by tomorrow. Ta!


But, first…


1. La Pluie à Paris, or, My Café Contemplations
This was posted less than a month ago and has already attained the number one spot. It tells of a very wet day in Paris when I set out alone and, with shoes and feet miserably soaked, and feeling not a little lonely, I sat down in a cafe to observe the world around me, spend time with my thoughts, and…dry off! It was indeed a contemplative piece and very honest and authentically Renate. I was a little afraid to post it because my soul was laid quite bare. I guess that’s okay, sometimes, isn’t it?