Amsterdam First Impressions

British Airways. Marvelous Schiphol Airport. Smiling people. Friendliness. Rain. Bicycles. Trams. Figuring out the tram system. Realizing I overpacked-AGAIN-while trying to figure out the tram system. A wet map. English-speaking CNN. BBC. Anne Frank House. Texting and talking on cell phones while bicycling. Beautiful canals sparkling by the light of street lamps. Indian food from Royal Tandoori with fantastic naan. Vomit in the sewer drains. The smell of marijuana juxtaposed next to lots of snack and sweet shops. A plain, warm waffle from a street-seller. Otto Frank’s kind and pained eyes.  Beautiful, old architecture. A night that came early. Sore feet. A very sweet and comfortable room.

One thought on “Amsterdam First Impressions

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