Waiting in Line for Anne Frank

Have you ever waited in line for Anne Frank? PBS is currently showing the documentary, “In Line for Anne Frank” featuring visitors to Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam. I have, indeed, waited in that line and walked through the hiding place and viewed the photos and remembered the words of the young girl whom I read for the first time when I was about her age when she was in hiding.

What affected me most deeply that evening I visited just before closing, was the expression on Otto Frank’s face on a postcard in the gift shop, depicting his return to the hiding place after the war; after he had lost everyone he loved. It was the photo of a man haunted.

If you have the opportunity to watch this documentary, please do so. And, when you visit Amsterdam, brave the line/queue and let Anne Frank haunt you a little bit, too.

In line for Anne Frank – trailer from The Media Brothers on Vimeo.