6th Street, Austin

6th Street, Austin

“Bourbon Street” of Texas


Music, music everywhere

Some of it good, y’all

“Live Music Capital of the World”

Source of pride

Rock and country collide

So do fists and noses


The police are in cahoots

Closing the street

Encouraging the party

And, oh, what a party

Booze and the stronger stuff(s)

Chemical-induced brashness


Machismo and long legs and wiggling fannies

Hanging out doors and windows

Brawls and babies both waiting to happen

Beware the 2am blur.


Sure, okay

Go check it out

Once, twice maybe

Say, “Yeah, I’ve been to 6th Street”

And, oh, what a party


Then go home

Nose intact

Smile at the baloney, the inanity

The Texan Mardi Gras

Shake your head a little


Then sleep