Aventure à Paris

Paris 2014

It’s appropriate, really, to feature her here, because her blog is called Aventure à Paris and she is having a grand adventure, indeed!

She up and quit her job in Los Angeles and, before embarking on a new life in New York, decided to come to Paris for three months! In happy serendipity, I met her on a Paris street the day after we both arrived in Paris and we became instant friends. A few days later, we went to dinner, took a walk near the Louvre, saw the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower and then she and I took the metro back to our respective temporary homes, my hotel and her apartment. I captured the photo above just after we parted. She seems to me to be walking into the rest of her life.

Yes, absolutely. Quite an adventure…

Best wishes to you, Lori! It was wonderful to meet you and fantastic to see a woman actively fulfilling her dreams! Would that we all follow your lead and walk into our own personal aventures.

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