A Catamaran Ride to Lantau Island from Hong Kong


The tour bus picked me up from my hotel and took me and about 20 others (including some recognizable nurse faces from the conference) to Central Ferry Pier 5 where we boarded our Ferry One catamaran and headed to Lantau Island.


The day was thick with moisture and heat but the ferry was comfortable and cool. The skyline of Kowloon Island with it skyscrapers so near the water creates a beautiful cityscape. A ferry ride just for the city views would be well worth it!

The ferry ride takes an enjoyable 30-35 min. We were dropped at the Mui Wo Pier on Lantau


And, just like that, in half an hour, we left behind the catamaran and the cosmopolitan Hong Kong and entered the tropical wonderland that is Lantau.


To be continued…

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