Impressions Travelogue – Over 500 Views Today!

The few hours I spent on an impromptu detour to Bruges in November 2010 cemented in my memory the charm of this beautifully preserved historic town and I have longed to write a post about it for, well, over 4 years now. Inspiration hit a few days ago and I just sat down and edited my Bruges photographs, found a beautiful panoramic shot on Wikimedia Commons of the Bruges Markt Square, and tried to remember my impressions of that day, and reminisced and smiled and wrote.

I recently joined Facebook, and have created a Facebook page for my blog, and have joined a few FB groups of interest to travellers, travel bloggers and solo female travellers. After writing the post, I shared it on my FB page and with these groups (as well as on Twitter) and, as a result, I received more views for this post (440) than for any other post in the history of Impressions Travelogue! That number, as well as the views for other posts, gave me over 500 views today!

It’s a thrilling milestone and one I thought appropriate to share on my milestones page. Thank you, Bruges! And, Facebook!

(I never thought I’d say that!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Views: 517
Visitors: 425

Views per Visitor: 1.22

4 thoughts on “Impressions Travelogue – Over 500 Views Today!

  1. Many congratulations on such a successful post and the ongoing success of your site.

    Facebook has to many extent and purposes become a very visual social tool. I dare say the fact that so many people loved the picture as much as you do draw them to it.

    Sometimes, unexpectedly a blog post we don’t expect to do much just takes off – somehow or way it connects with people.

    Maybe this strategy will repeat itself soon for you? 🙂

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    • Thank you for these kindest of words and good hopes. It is definitely true that occasionally I am happily surprised by the reception of a blogpost. I smile and feel gratified for they all are labors of love, really.
      I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to gleaning expert travel advice from it.
      My very best to you and look forward to the day you make that Antarctica journey!
      Take care, Renate


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