London West End

Mamma Mia! (and Lowri and Me!)

“Forget about your worries, just come see this show!”
“There’s just so much light!”
“The songs make you want to move…and sing!”
“Dancing Queen always gets me up on the floor. Always.”
“If they haven’t seen it, they should come and see it. Full stop.”

Like the woman with the small child in this video, it was my first time seeing “Mamma Mia!” too and, for so many reasons, I am so glad I did! And like all of the interviewees, my enthusiasm was irrepressible!

The show moved recently from the Prince of Wales Theatre to the Novello Theatre where I viewed it. It’s a gorgeous theater in London’s West End, also known as Theatreland

Novello theatre-3152566574

Can you sense the excitement and the pure celebration of the evening? Have you seen “Mamma Mia”? If so, do you remember the joy and laughter?

If not, try this:

The songs of ABBA, the dancing, the fun!

A longtime friend of my husband, Bill Yen, who lives in London, treated me to the show. Bill is a retired surgeon and subdued by nature, I think, but even he couldn’t completely contain his mirth. He sat on my right and at regular intervals I would hear a really great – and surprising – giggle (!) inadvertently bubble out of him. He is staid and scholarly and I could tell he was trying to squelch those high-pitched giggles, but he just couldn’t. Ah, the power of “Mamma Mia!”

And, on my left was a young lady who was obviously immensely enjoying the show with her friend. She and I laughed and laughed together and clapped and completely succumbed to “Mamma Mia’s” unending magic. At intermission, we chatted and I think it became evident to both of us that we were connecting over our mutual enjoyment of the show. When it ended, we traded email addresses. New friends! Thanks to “Mamma Mia!”

Her name is Lowri and she told me she and her friend were from Wales and were in London to visit their Member of Parliament, or MP, to tour the Houses of Parliament, and see the Tower of London.

Lowri and Her MP_May 2013
Lowri at Tower of London_May 2013

She let me know a bit about her life in Wales where she lives with her Mum and two sisters.

Lowri Smith and Mum and Sisters

We promised to stay in touch and I told her when I return to London, I’d let her know so that we can meet up one day. I hope that happens!

“Mamma Mia!” was a highlight of my London trip not only because of its exuberance and energy and pure fun but because it made a serious surgeon giggle and brought me a wonderful new friend.

It is truly a show for everyone. And this post is dedicated to Mousetrap Theatre Projects a charity, whose mission is “to help young people access the best of live theatre in London and to enable them to engage creatively with that experience.”

What a magical night; I’ll not ever forget it.

Full stop!

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