La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

“There’s so much food here!”
The people of Barcelona know how to walk and how to eat!
I took my first walk along La Rambla, a great (in size and entertainment value) pedestrian walkway (is that redundant?) stretching from Plaça de Catalunya to the sea. La Rambla is packed with people on a Saturday afternoon. About midway, there stands the historic and eminent La Boqueria Market. Much as La Rambla is filled to overflowing with people of all sizes, shapes, and colors, La Boqueria Market is brimming with all magnitude of cured meats, fish, cheeses, eggs, and produce. There are also bar areas and sit-down eateries which are vibrant and look very appetizing!

Let me give you just a taste (pun intended!) of the sheer energy and color of this place!
(With apologies for my inexpert video technique!)