The Sun Has Emerged! Paris

6 August 2014


4:32PM  The sun has emerged! After a lot of walking in the rain, I have found a corner spot at Saint Severin Cafe from which to drink “un express” and view the world. What a reward!

sunshine, Paris


Oh, I wish I could have gotten that woman with the red nails mashing her cigarette in the ash tray just now. Darn! I almost asked her if she’d mime doing it so I could take a photo. I’m tempted. But, instead, I’ll try to have that sort of subject on my radar anytime I see a woman with great nails, smoking. My telephoto lens will certainly help with that. The shyness will always challenge me and my photography. Of course, asking a woman, a stranger, to mime mashing a cigarette butt in Paris might be going a little too far…

Ashtray, Paris


Before stopping here, I picked up the new copy of Pariscope, the events magazine out new every Wednesday. 50 euro cents.


(I wish she’d move her cup. I’ve never been so excited to see someone smoking before!)

le pieton – the pedestrian

5:10PM  There are a number of us facing the sunshine, drying our soggy limbs. For the record, my feet are dry and my flats are, well…not as wet.

Oh! I just remembered! It’s really good I’m using my phone for photos for another really great reason – I forgot my camera battery charger and have not found another! Yet, as I sit here, I cannot resist the urge to pull out my camera and use my telephoto lens to unobtrusively spy!

Camera out. Sit. Drink. Explore. Revive.