Who? Me? Shy? A Bit of Street Photography, Paris

6 August 2014

Because of the rain and the bulkiness of my camera, I have taken photos thus far today with my phone, only. I must say, it has been liberating. So light. Fits in my little security bag. Easy to whip out when inspiration hits. And, the photos seem to have turned out quite nicely. Plus, I’ve actually worked up the courage – or, actually, just really ignored my fear – and have asked to take photos as soon as inspiration hit! I think this is a pretty big step (in wet shoes) for extremely shy me! A hurdle conquered! I received only one refusal, and this by a pretty young lady with pale skin, red lipstick, and a navy blue umbrella with white polka dots. (Would have been a great shot.) She was kind and I completely understood and I didn’t sink into the wet sidewalk when she said, “No.” Maybe I’m developing a tough skin.


Here are the photos I did take:

Rain, Paris

  “Rainy Still Life with Legs.”

“Wait, wait! Could you stay just like that? I want to take a picture of your legs if that’s okay?” (I didn’t pause to consider how crazy this must have sounded.)

She obliged.

Rain, Paris

“And, now, of you, if you don’t mind.” She didn’t.

Rain, Paris

“Should we?”
“I don’t see why not.”
(The third fellow just quietly stepped out of the frame.


Paris, rain



Rain, Paris

Rule of thirds with smile and umbrella.

Rain, umbrellas, Paris

Ladies with class and style (and smiles)