Fathers and Sons Across the Ages: Cour Khorsabad, Louvre and Present-Day Lake Tahoe

Sargon II in Conversation with Crown Prince SennacharibLove You, Daddy


Photo 1: The Assyrian King, Sargon II, right, speaks to his son, the Crown Prince Senaccharib. Circa 710 B.C. Warriors both, still there is a tenderness between them. Cour Khorsabad, Louvre.








Photo 2: My brother, Mitch, shares a tender moment with my nephew, Nolan. Circa 2011 A.D. Lake Tahoe, California.

Dialogues – either spoken or unspoken – occur between both sets of fathers and sons.

This trusting and necessary partnership transcends the ages. Every child deserves this.

May it be so.