Serpentine Lake

A Morning Walk in Hyde Park

Perfect weather (with hat and jacket) for a morning stroll in Hyde Park. More horses out than people. Muted sun. Runners. A man and woman holding their arms straight out from their sides, weights in hands, the young incredibly fit woman behind saying, “Keep your elbows up, Love.” (She, I gathered was the trainer. I’ve noticed many personal training sessions going on in the park.) He said, “But it is rather difficult, isn’t it?”

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“We may conclude this chapter by remarking that the fresh air of the neighbourhood of Hyde Park a century ago was proverbial; for Boswell writes to thank one of his friends for the offer of the use of his apartments in London, but to decline them on the ground that ‘it is best to have lodgings in the more airy vicinity of Hyde Park.'”

From: ‘Hyde Park’, Old and New London: Volume 4 (1878), pp. 375-405. URL: Date accessed: 14 May 2013.