Roma, Andante (Part 1)

28 April 2012

Andante. Walking pace. Care to join me?

Oh, good! But first, breakfast.  That marvelous mueslix, coffee, and bread in the breakfast room. Such a pleasant place, my convent! Sharing this colazione (breakfast) with me were families, couples, and other solo-travellers. There was a sister (suora) overseeing us with an eager young helper. I took a table in the corner, the perfect vantage point from which to view this strange (not really) and sweet (yes) world. It was such a peaceful place; a refuge where we could rest and be nourished. The thought occurred to me over and over that the suore were there to serve us, to offer us sanctuary, even to protect us. It was a wonderful feeling and I was so grateful for it.

Plus, I still can’t get over the fact that I had this clean and lovely place to stay with its great view and simple but satisfying breakfast, in the heart of Rome, for €50 a night!

The 11 o’clock PM curfew may have been difficult for some night owls, but it was not a problem at all for this morning lark!

I still wonder if the reason I was able to book a room there so neatly and quickly and at the last-minute was because my email proclaimed my lone-female traveller status. The suores’ home, after all, is open to “people in need, tourists, and pilgrims.” Perhaps they truly took mercy on me.

I do believe this.

(To be continued…)