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I made my first solo-trip to Paris on a particularly snowy and frozen New Year in 2009.


Although not entirely comfortable due to language difficulties, the absolute fish-out-of-water feeling, and the fact that I had only four days there (barely enough time to revive from jet lag), I still fell madly and deeply in love with the City of Lights (which was more like the City of Ice that year). I vowed to return every year thereafter and, so far, I’ve kept that vow, making a solo-trip every year, and each time learning more about the distinct arrondissements and immersing myself more profoundly into the culture, architecture, art, and cafes. I believe I’ve written more posts about Paris than any other place I’ve visited. This prompt inspired me to create a list of the posts I’ve written about the Musèe du Louvre, a museum that would take many lifetimes to fully discover. There is one semi-factual work of semi-fiction :), many posts of the many photos I’ve taken (for I find unending photographic inspiration when I visit), and there are of course my impressions and emotions from visiting and viewing this most fascinating of places.

I anticipate my “Louvre List” to steadily grow as I consciously and determinedly keep my Paris vow to myself. A rule which I realized on that first visit – and one I intend to live by for as long as I am able – is:    “One must always return to Paris.”

Please click on the links below to view the posts:

Aphrodite, Known as Venus de Milo

34 Paris Lessons You Probably Won’t Find in the Guidebooks

Sunset Through the Louvre Pyramid 1

Sunset Through the Louvre Pyramid 2

Statue, Jardin des Tuileries

Flutist at the Louvre – “Danny Boy”

Louvre Pyramid: Color, Light, Shadow

Palais du Louvre and Returning to Myself

“Be Not Inhospitable to Strangers, Lest They Be…” (that semi-fictional work previously mentioned)

The Stele of Vultures, Louvre Museum

Statue of Ebih-il, Superintendent of Mari

Gudea & Stela of King Naram-Sin

The Organizer of Sacrifices, from the Royal Palace of Mari

The Code of Hammurabi, King of Babylon

Reassurance from a Lamassu

Cour Khorsabad, Palace of Sargon II, Louvre

Frieze of the Transportation of Timber, Louvre

The Seated Scribe, Department of Egyptian Antiquities, Louvre

Amenophis IV, Department of Egyptian Antiquities, Louvre

Department of Egyptian Antiquities, Louvre

Winged Victory of Samothrace

Leaving the Louvre

Fathers and Sons Across the Ages

Reflections from the Louvre I

Reflections from the Louvre II

Nightlight of the Palais du Louvre

The Louvre Just Retweeted Me!