Banco Sabadell Flashmob

Okay. I’m cheating here. I can’t take credit for much of this post except these few introductory words. All acclaim should rest with Banco Sabadell and the musicians and onlookers I’m about to introduce to you.

(Please bear with me, my internet connection is so slooooooowww right now and the uploads for my La Sagrada Familia post are taking forever. So, I thought I’d offer you a musical interlude in the meantime!)

All around Barcelona, I noticed Banco Sabadell, the prominent bank of Spain. The following map of locations within the city of Barcelona bears this out:


Everytime I saw a Banco Sabadell branch office I would remember the coral symphony flashmob which they sponsored in honor of their 130th anniversary. And, every time I watch it or even think about it, it just…well, it just makes me happy. Perhaps that is because the familiar music is taken from “Ode to Joy” and Beethoven’s transcendent last symphony. The joy absolutely gleams in this video. May a little of that gleaming transfer to you.

And, now, without further ado…


If you were uplifted by this video, I have another one for you, this time in the Antwerp train station.

And, for another musical respite, here’s a mini-organ concert (and photo gallery) from Barcelona’s exquisite Palau de la Música Catalana